In Year 2 of the National Homelessness Social Work Initiative, the National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services (NCEHS) selected the Indiana University School of Social Work (IUSSW) to be one of six Regional Hub Leader Schools.

IUSSW champions social and economic justice causes. For example, the university runs the Student Outreach Clinic [SOC], a comprehensive health clinic, including social work, pharmacy, physical and occupational therapy, legal, vision, and dental services, which functions as a perfect training ground for social work students interested in homelessness.

Michael Patchner, Dean of the IUSSW, has been a leader in social work in several capacities, including during reformations to CSWE educational standards. He has also contributed to National Center dissemination activities, including participating in sessions as the CSWE and SSWR annual conferences.

IUSSW has enfolded its Regional Hub Leader efforts under one main goal: to be part of a national learning community, addressing the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness.  This broad goal will be realized through three activity areas: 1) regional efforts to impact homelessness, workforce development, and policymaking processes; 2) mentorship of regional schools/programs; and 3) implementing a new online course on homelessness. Progress to date has been steady and focused on forming a regional network of social work schools and increasing educational opportunities related to homelessness.

First, in an effort to understand current efforts of social work programs in the region, the IUSSW is currently working on a survey to capture activities to address homelessness, related workforce development, and associated policymaking processes. The survey results will also be compiled in a scholarly paper to be submitted for publication and shared with key policymakers, as well as the lobbyist of the Indiana Chapter of NASW. The survey results will also inform strategies for collaborating with and supporting social work programs in the region. For example, the school plans to provide technical assistance to regional schools and programs to enhance efforts to address homelessness, related workforce development, and policy advocacy. They will also hold regional conference calls on a quarterly basis.

Second, IUSSW is working to create an online course on homelessness to raise awareness among social work students about the nature and prevalence of homelessness as it relates to poverty, mental illness, and other social concerns. The school believes the course will help spark an interest in field placement options and career paths in homeless services.

Finally, a third cohort of advanced MSW clinical social work students began a year of special training to better understand transition aged youth, ages 16 to 25, who are underserved and face a variety of risks including homelessness. The training is part of a $1.4 million grant the school received from the Health Resources and Services Administration. By the end of the project, the school will have provided special training to nearly 100 social work students who each receive a stipend of $10,000.

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