The National Center just completed Year 2 of the National Homelessness Social Work Initiative (NHSWI). We are now a consortium of 19 partner schools of social work across the U.S., with six partners serving as Regional Hub Leaders. We are excited to announce that (as of January) leadership of the National Center has transitioned to the University of Texas at Austin, where center director Heather Larkin is now a faculty member. As a key partner, the University at Albany will serve as national collaborator in support of ongoing activities, coordination, and partnership development.

As we kick-off Year 3, we want to share some of our major Year 2 accomplishments. Below are brief summaries, with links to pertinent resources for additional information.

Regional Hub Leadership

Six regional hub leader schools play a critical role in advancing regional efforts to inform policymaking, support university-agency partnerships, and apply knowledge for practice and curriculum development. Each hub leader’s plan is unique to regional needs and includes goals specific to that school’s expertise. To learn more about the regional hub leaders, read these blog posts: California State University, Long Beach; Hunter College; Indiana University; the University of Maryland; the University of Southern California; and the University of Texas at Austin.

New York-New Jersey Regional Network

To increase the collaboration and coordination of the schools in our NY-NJ Regional Network, we created a formal leadership team to facilitate the development of goals and implementation plans. Elizabeth Bowen (University at Buffalo) took on the lead role of facilitating the regional network, with support from Dan Herman (Hunter College) and Amanda Aykanian (University at Albany). A current priority is developing plans to advocate for adequate funding for housing and evidence-based services for homeless populations in New York State. This network serves as a model for other regions.

Supporting Curriculum Integration

In the fall, we worked in partnership with CSWE’s Learning Academy to develop the free, online learning series, “Homelessness in Social Work Education”. Educators can use the series for their own professional development and also incorporate the series or individual modules into course syllabi. Module topics include: Housing First; Mental Health First Aid; Continuum of Care; Critical Time Intervention; Trauma and Adversity; and Trauma-Informed Care.

Veterans Workgroup

We formed a workgroup consisting of faculty from partner schools and representatives from the VA to explore opportunities for infusing veteran homelessness content and successful VA practice models into social work education and expanding field placements for students with dual interests in homelessness and veterans. Specific strategies are still in early development.

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery Workgroup

Our collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery (SOAR) Technical Assistance Center has presented new and unique ways to provide students with training that will benefit them in their internships and when they seek employment after graduation. To facilitate this work, we formed a SOAR workgroup to bring together partner schools interested in developing pilot initiatives at their schools. To learn more about these pilot projects, read this blog post.

Research Workgroup

The research workgroup includes National Center staff, faculty contacts from partner schools (including the national co-leads of the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness), and representatives from the VA’s National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans. Initial goals of the group include: 1) finding out what homelessness research is in progress in the social work community; 2) identifying social work faculty interested in homelessness research; and 3) linking researchers with similar interests. In the fall, the group pilot tested a faculty survey about current and recent homelessness research projects, with broader administration planned for 2017.

Dissemination Activities

We continue to feature National Center and partner school accomplishments at social work conferences, including the SSWR Annual Conference and the CSWE Annual Program Meeting. We also published an invited article in Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences’ special issue titled, “Ending Homelessness: A Grand Challenge for Transforming Practice and Policy”. The manuscript – “Responding to the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness: The National Homelessness Social Work Initiative” – was co-authored by National Center staff and partner school faculty contacts. In addition to these formal dissemination strategies, we continue to use our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) and newsletter to share blog posts, connect with schools of social work, and disseminate information to interested stakeholders.

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