We feature a lot of our partner schools’ community-based collaborations and service learning activities on this blog, but our faculty contacts are also leading homelessness scholars. This blog post features just 10 of the peer-reviewed journal articles published in 2018 by homelessness researchers at our partner schools. These publications cover a range of topics related to homeless youth and adults, permanent supportive housing, and homeless service provision. Consider adding one of these to your course syllabi this semester. And, if you’re looking for additional readings, check out our curriculum resource page.

  1. Aykanian, A. (2018). Service and policy considerations when working with highly mobile homeless youth: Perspectives from the frontlinesChildren and Youth Services Review, 84, 9-16. Read more here.
  2. Bender, K., Begun, S., Dunn, K., Mackay, E., & Dechants, J. (2018). Homeless youths’ interests in social action via photovoice. Journal of Community Practice, 26(1), 107-120. Read more here.
  3. Crutchfield, R. (2018). Under a temporary roof and in the classroom: Service agencies for youth who are homeless while enrolled in community college. Child and Youth Services. Read more here.
  4. Henwood, B., Lahey, J., Harris, T., Rhoades, H., & Wenzel, S. (2018). Understanding risk environments in permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless adults. Qualitative Health Research. Read more here.
  5. Lee, W., & Plitt Donaldson, L. (2018). Street outreach workers’ understanding and experience of working with chronically homeless populations. Journal of Poverty. Read more here.
  6. Piat, M., Sabetti, J., & Padgett, D. (2018). Supported housing for adults with psychiatric disabilities: How tenants confront the problem of loneliness. Health and Social Care in the Community, 26(2), 191-198. Read more here.
  7. Narendorf, S. C., Bowen, E., Santa Maria, D., & Thibaudeau, E. (2018). Risk and resilience among young adults experiencing homelessness: A typology for service planning. Children and Youth Services Review, 86, 157-165. Read more here.
  8. Rhoades, H., La Motte-Kerr, W., Duan, L., Woo, D., Rice, E., Henwood, B., Harris, T., & Wenzel, S. (2018). Social networks and substance use after transitioning into permanent supportive housingDrug and Alcohol Dependence, 191(1), 63-69. Read more here.
  9. Tiderington, E. (2018). “The apartment is for you, it’s not for anyone else”: Managing social recovery and risk on the frontlines of single-adult supportive housingAdministration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 45(1), 152-162. Read more here.
  10. Wagamann, M. A., Shelton, J., & Carter, R. (2018). Queering the social work classroom: Strategies for increasing the inclusion of LGBTQ persons and experiences. Journal of Teaching Social Work, 38(2), 166-182. Read more here.

While peer-reviewed articles are typically not publicly available, you can obtain full-text copies of any article by contacting the author(s).

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