In 2016, the American Academy for Social Work and Social Welfare launched its Grand Challenges for Social Work initiative. The 12 Grand Challenges are calls to action for social work researchers and practitioners to solve the nation’s toughest problems through science, innovation, and collaboration.

Co-led by Benjamin Henwood, PhD (University of Southern California) and Deborah Padgett, PhD (New York University), the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness (GC2EH) is focused on leveraging the science of social work to advance research, practice, and policy that complement current efforts to end homelessness.

The National Center’s priorities, and those of our National Homelessness Social Work Initiative, align with the overall aims of the GC2EH. We often work in collaboration with the GC2EH to address shared goals, such as developing and implementing the Grand Challenge to End Homelessness Research Survey.

You can learn more by visiting and by reading the GC2EH working paper.