National Center partners presenting on strategic partnerships to end homelessness at the 2016 CSWE APM.

The National Center is a consortium of partners schools of social work across the country. Collaboration among schools is used to increase the attention to homelessness in social work curriculum and strengthen homeless services through research, policy advocacy, and community partnerships. Additionally, seven partner schools serve as regional hub leaders. Each partner school identifies at least one faculty contact to represent the school and coordinate participation in National Center activities. Following is a list of all partner schools and their faculty contacts.

Binghamton University

Faculty contact(s): Cassandra Bransford

California State University, Long Beach (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Rashida Crutchfield, Nancy Meyer-Adams

California State University, Sacramento

Faculty contact(s): Arturo Baiocchi, Mimi Lewis, Tyler Arguello

Catholic University of America

Faculty contact(s): Linda Plitt Donaldson

The College at Brockport

Faculty contact(s): Barbara Kasper

Hunter College (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Dan Herman

Indiana University (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Robert Weiler

Nazareth College

Faculty contact(s): Jed Metzger, Leanne Charlesworth, Virginia David

New York University

Faculty contact(s): Deborah Padgett, Peggy Morton

Pacific University

Faculty Contact: Lalit P. Khandare

Saint Mary’s College

Faculty contact(s): Frances Kominkiewicz

Texas Christian University

Faculty Contact: James Petrovich

University of Alaska Anchorage

Faculty contact(s): Kathi Trawver

University at Albany

Faculty contact(s): Katharine Briar-Lawson, Eric Hardiman

University at Buffalo

Faculty contact(s): Elizabeth Bowen

University of Denver

Faculty contact(s): Kimberly Bender

University of Houston

Faculty contact(s): Sarah Narendorf

University of Maryland (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Samuel Little

University of Southern California (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Benjamin Henwood, Suzanne Wenzel, Eric Rice

University of South Florida

Faculty contact(s): Sondra Fogel

University of Texas at Arlington

Faculty contact(s): Courtney Cronley

University of Texas at Austin (Regional Hub Leader)

Faculty contact(s): Heather Larkin Holloway, Calvin Streeter